Okeanos - Polished Beveled Edges Tungsten Carbide Ring with Brushed Center

This style has a conservative design that is flat with beveled edges.  The center is brush finished, leaving only the beveled edges polished for a subtle amount of shine. All sizes are available for couples who want a matching set.

Material: Tungsten Carbide
Band Width: 8 mm (5/16")
Approx. Weight: 9 - 16 g

Finish: Satin Brushed
Type of Fit: Comfort Fit
Package: Ring box Included

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Tungsten rings are hard and durable, making them low-maintenance. Unlike rings made of gold and silver, which are much softer metals, tungsten rings don't develop scratches easily and are tarnish-resistant. In fact, if your tungsten wedding ring has a polished finish, then it will always look shiny and will likely never develop scratches or blemishes. Tungsten jewelry is easy to care for, but it is important to know how to clean it because it is a metal that can react poorly with some cleaning solutions and methods.

  1. Clean with warm soapy water gently. Use a soft cloth to wipe it. In case of brushed stainless steel, move your cloth along the grain of your stainless steel jewelry as you don't want to leave your brushed jewelry with shiny spots. You shouldn't soak your stainless steel in water.
  2. For grimier pieces, just use 'plain' whitening toothpaste and soft cloth. And again, follow the grain of your piece.
  3. Use stainless steel cleaner or jewelry cloth and wipe it gently.

Tungsten Ring Care Tips:

  1. It is best to avoid using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner when cleaning tungsten rings. If you strongly prefer using these machines, be sure not to leave a tungsten ring in a ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for more than one minute and never use any accompanying cleaning solutions, as they may contain harsh chemicals.
  2. Because any harsh chemicals can be hard on tungsten, it is a good idea to quickly clean your ring whenever it is exposed to bleach, ammonia and similar substances. If you know you are going to be working around strong chemicals, remove your tungsten rings until you are finished.
  3. Store your tungsten ring away from jewelry that has been cleaned with any chemicals. This will protect it against possible negative reactions from residue remaining on these pieces of jewelry.
  4. Keep your tungsten ring away from diamonds. Diamonds are one of the few substances that can scratch tungsten carbide.
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