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Minimal Totem was founded in a humble-looking workshop in 2016, with an aim to bring local creation to be seen by the world. Infusing minimalism concept of less is more to the jewelry, Minimal Totem inspires and resonates with fellow minimalists by bringing simple yet elegant designs.

In Minimal Totem, we always believe that life is a gift. It is all about how much we treasure our life, not how long we have lived. There is no need to explain why do you gift, but about how much you show expression to yourself and your loved ones. It is never too late to gift. Treasure while you can.

MT's jewelry has a tone of simplicity. Clean-cut and non-fussy to present an utterly elegant look because we believe that a truly meaningful jewelry shall be timeless and versatile. MT's jewelry has premium quality to meet the needs of comfort and style.

In MT, we focus in the gifting experience. Our minimalist jewelry would make a treasured keepsake for a gift or remembrance, perfect to keep and give. Enjoy effortless shopping with MT, we are pleased to be part of your gifting experience.

And always remember that, less is more.

Morgan, co-founder of Minimal Totem

Size Chart

All our rings are in standard US sizes. If you have an existing ring that is a comfortable fit on your finger and doesn't slip off your knuckle, then that would be perfect to find your ring size.
Not sure what your ring size is? Don't guess - find out how to accurately measure your ring size with this easy to follow printable size chart